Getline multiple delimiters

If line represents the line being read and ifile is the input file name: getline (ifile, line); would read the entire line from my understanding. I've read using "<<" or ">>" ignores whitespace so that'd be the way to do it but I'm not sure how to implement that for getline.. I've also read (from this stackoverflow post: https://stackoverflow.

getline, getwline, getdelim, getwdelim. 3) Reads from the stream stream as if by fgetc, until delimiter is encountered, storing the characters in the buffer of size *n pointed to by *lineptr, automatically .... So, as the title says, I need to use getline for a class project, and I am using codeblocks..

The getline function is part of the C library. This function accepts a string from the input stream as an input, so getline is a better option. The concept of pointers is used by getline (). For reading text, the getline method is the ideal way. The getline method reads a full line from a stream, such as a newline character. communities ....




Now, your problem with getline has nothing to do with it being in a while loop. Look up getline in your VC++ Help | Search and notice the example. and the parameters. Also, using cin.getline(...) is perhaps more clear. Or you could say string::getline and see if that works better..

The POSIX C library defines the getline () function. This function allocates a buffer to hold the line contents and returns the new line, the number of characters in the line, and the size of the buffer. Example program that gets each line from example.txt: #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #define FILENAME "example.txt" int main (void ....

I have to continue reading after the first delimiter. string input; cout << "Enter your message: "; int isize; do { cin.clear (); getline (cin, input, '/'); isize = input.length ();.