Wound care after stitches are removed from face

How do you know when your stitches are ready to be removed? As a guide, on the face, sutures should be removed in 5-7 days; on the neck, 7 days; on the scalp, 10 days; on the trunk and upper extremities, 10-14 days; and on the lower extremities, 14-21 days.Sutures in wounds under greater tension may have to be left in place slightly longer.

First, keep the wound clean and as dry as possible. Do not immerse or soak the wound in water. This means no swimming, washing dishes (unless thick rubber gloves are used), baths, or hot tubs until the stitches are removed or after about two weeks if absorbable suture material was used. 2022. 8. 7. · When deciding how long to leave your stitches or staples in place, your doctor will consider several factors, such as the location, depth, and size of your wound and your general health. Be sure to follow his or her instructions. Most of the time, stitches are removed: From the face in 4 to 5 days. From the hands and arms in 5 to 10 days. How do you take care of a wound after stitches are removed? Wash the wound daily with soap and water and gently pat the area to dry. Areas prone to contamination (such as hands) should be washed more often. Cover areas prone to contamination or re-injury such as knees, elbows, hands or chin for 5-7 days. A simple Band-Aid is usually enough.

2016. 8. 25. · Answer: Vasoline on a scar post mohs. We customarily advised a two week course of an ointment based topical agent after a surgical procedure. Typically we will advise bacitracin or aquafor, but vasoline is acceptable as well. The advantage of using such an agent is to protect the wound from external allergens as well as keeping the incision.




Healing after having Mohs surgery on the face. I had my surgery in the morning and was home and in bed by the afternoon. I happen to love naps, so it wasn't too difficult an ask for me to rest after having surgery. I was sent home with mild pain medication, (no opioids or anything super strong), and for me that was fine; I wasn't in much pain. During a cystectomy, the doctor will mark and numb the area around the cyst. The slight discomfort from the Lidocaine injections is worse than the rest of the surgery, which is painless. After the dermatologist removes the skin cells, the incision is stitched up and the skin will begin to heal from the inside out.

1 day ago · If your injury requires stitches, follow your doctor’s advice on how to care for the wound and when to get the stitches removed. This may help minimize the appearance of a scar. Apply sunscreen to the wound after it has healed. Sun protection may help reduce red or brown discoloration and help the scar fade faster.

If your stitches have become infected, you may notice the following symptoms: redness or swelling around the stitches. fever. an increase in pain or tenderness at the wound. warmth at or around.