Gaming with Full Cone vs Symmetric NAT Routers. Posting this here as this may also effect many different routers and gamers and have two or more game consoles connected to there routers and trying to achieve OPEN NAT across the board or on same in games being played at the same time: Gaming with Full Cone vs Symmetric NAT Routers.

Jun 19, 2019 · #1 Info: RT-AX88U - V384.11_2 Final FW - Uptime 29+ Days WAN NAT Types: With Full Cone (was recommended for Open NAT for Steam Games as example): These error messages show up constantly in System Log - kernel: nf_conntrack: expectation table full With Symmetric: No error messages..




Dec 11, 2018 · As far as I know there are 4 types of NAT: Symmetric, Full Cone, Address Restricted, Port Restricted. To be more precise: I have Cisco 881 router with overloaded NAT and no ACL on external interface..


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